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Cubot nova smartphone specs, review and price 2019

cubot nova smartphone specs, reviews and price -

Cubot nova smartphone specs, review and price 2019 is the smartphone we are to review today and also everything you need to know about the cubot nova smartphone.

Recently, I published a review on the cubot max 2, which is one of the greatest smartphone from the cubot phone company. You can also read about the cubot max 2 specs, review and price.

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Now, over to the on board discussion – cubot max 2 smartphone specs, reviews and price in 2019. The cubot nova is just a baby quality of the max 2 which is 4gb ram device, compared to the cubot nova that is just 3gb ram and 16gb ROM.

Cubot nova smartphone specs, review and price 2019

Cubot nova smartphone specs : 

cubot nova smartphone specs, reviews and price -

Android – version 8.1

Display – 5.5inch screen display

Camera – 13mp rear & 8mp front

Storage – 16gb

Network – 2g, 3gb, 4g

Fingerprint – yes

Ram – 3gb

CPU – quad core

Battery – 2800mah

REVIEW – though the cubot Nova smartphone don’t have lots of review because it’s still a new smartphone. Only few people are using this smartphone.

See some reviews from already purchased people on jumia. Some said the brand phone is cool.

Cubot nova price 2019

Cubot nova smartphone specs, review and price 2019

Cubot nova Display and Camera : just like I said before – the cubot nova is a baby quality smartphone from the cubot company. The nova screen display seize is 5.5inch which I consider –  super cool for playing full HD movies and also playing full screen video games, comfortably.

Unlike the cubot max 2 which is 6.8 super huge screen seize smartphone. Also when it comes to camera quality, the cubot nova is 13mp back and 8mp for selfie.

I think the 13mp for the cubot nova smartphone is OK and it’s expected to be super clear with face beauty stunning effects.

Cubot nova smartphone specs, review and price 2019

Should I buy the cubot Nova smartphone, Yes or No?

I would say Yes, because I will recommend for you what I also like. Even if am to buy the Cubot nova, I won’t consider looking at the poor battery capacity which is 2800mah, what I am looking for is quality.

All depends on what your looking for, if you’re looking for a cheap quality smartphone, then I will recommend the cubot Nova for you. Not just because of the very low price, but because it’s a 3gb ram smartphone.

Using a 5.5inch screen seize with 3gb ram smartphone, I think it’s OK. Using a 3gb ram device is super cool, especially for those that loads much applications to their android devices. Loading too much applications to a low GB ram device will cause the operating system to start running very slow which is very frasutrating.

But with a 3gb ram, you have nothing to worry about. Don’t forget it’s also a 4g network smartphone which makes your browsing super fast. So I would say – the cubot Nova smartphone is OK.

All depends on the smartphone quality your looking for, I have listed some specification of the cubot Nova, the decision is left for u to make.

The cubot nova price and availability

Cubot nova smartphone specs, review and price 2019

This smartphone is available in any popular online store, online stores like – jumia and Amazon.

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The cubot nova smartphone price ranges between 23,000 naira to 25,000 ($70), if your country currency wasn’t mentioned above, you can use Google to translate $70 to your currency, so as to know the price.

For example if your in Ghana, you can search on google using this keywords “how much is $70 in Ghana cedi” and Google will present your accurate result.

This is a pure review from, home of latest android phones of all types.

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That’s all for the Cubot nova smartphone specs, review and price 2019 discussion. If you have any question on this topic, kindly drop your comments below. Thanks for stopping by.

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