Danny Brown – Combat Mp3 Download Lyrics

Danny Brown Combat Mp3 Download Lyrics

Danny Brown Combat Mp3 Download Lyrics

Danny Brown Combat Mp3 Download Lyrics

Danny Brown Combat Mp3 Download Lyrics

“Combat” is jazzy and off-kilter in all the ways you would expect to be a collab of Danny Brownx Q-Tip.

When it was revealed a few months ago that Q-Tip was going to be executive producing the next album from Danny Brown, it was difficult to predict what it would sound like.

Now that uknowhatimsayin ¿ is out in the world, we can confirm that the setting of any expectations would have been foolish. No song sounds like the one before on this project.

Q-Tip wasn’t the only producer to contribute to uknowhatimsayin, but how disparate his beats sound here is remarkable. His production on the first two singles, “Dirty Laundry” and “Best Life,” are both quirky enough to fit the style of Danny, but in Tip’s discography they don’t look like each other or anything before.

The closer album, “Combat,” sounds closer to what you’d imagine a collaboration with Danny Brown-Q-Tp if you were bold enough to pigeonhole these two implacable innovators. Of course there’s nothing boring about it, though. The backbone of the track is a wheezing horn sample which is inherently off-kilter, but so smoothly arranged and raped that it becomes delightful.

Tip and Consequence join Danny for a hook that connects the theme of street life’s brutal and educational trials. Nonetheless, “Combat”‘s highlight is Danny’s final verse, where he sounds like a balloon that was unleashed to fly dizzily around a room, raps spewing out as it deflates.

He becomes an instrument riffing alongside the horns.

Quotable Lyrics
Twelve grams on the scale, watch me do arts and crafts
Any day could be my last, livin’ like that
Tripped over the crack, crippled by circumstance
N**** gotta face the facts, make this world your own
Sun sprinkled light for this mega-marathon

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