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important things to know before buying any android phone

important things to know before buying any android phone

Attention : important things to know before buying any android phone

Your about to purchase a new android phone? Hollup! Their are important things you need to know before buying any android phone.

Before you purchase any phone, wait, don’t just be carried away by the phones beauty, features, flatness, whatever. Some phones are actually not steady, that’s why you need a REVIEW before you purchase any device.

OK. Before I proceed with this topic : important things to know before buying any android phone – I would like to tell u a funny story which happened last week.

This funny story was the main Reason I decided to write on this topic and caution my readers. Read carefully please.

By last week then, around that 15th June or so. My friend saw this particular android phone online (name withheld). The android phone was so sharp, that he even forgot to check on reviews before buying.

At first, the phone was written the following specifications – 6gb ram, 34mp selfie, 4000mah battery life, storage – 128gb. All that for just $100 (31,000 naira) ? .

To cut the story short – because of the cheap Price he purchased this phone online. This phone arrived yesterday – guess what? The specifications written were all fake!.

The only real thing there is the battery capacity which is 4000mah. Could you believe that the device ram wasn’t up to 1gb which they calmed to be 6gb, camera was just like 8mp camera, storage is 4gb instead of 128gb as claimed by the company.

Caution – before you purchase any android phone. Here are the 5 things you must know before purchasing any android phone.

First – reviews

important things to know before buying any android phone

Reviews? Yes, its the most important. Come on, you need to know what others are saying about the phone, whether good or bad. Because obviously your not the first person to buy.

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After my friend has been scammed, he started looking for reviews on that particular model, just to find out that other people had been already writing bad reviews. Had it been he first seeked for review!

You must know the company

Another thing to know is the company that owns the phone. You need to know if they are trusted or not.

Brands like tecno, itel , infinix etc. They are already trusted. But all this new devices whether heavenly fly or Jesus phone, you must review them!

Am not saying that you shouldn’t try out other newly coming brands. 60% of them are just running adverts with fake information on their devices. Can you imagine this device specs claiming – 6gb ram , 34mp selfie but when you purchase, all you’ll be seeing inside is – 1gb. Well, for security I didn’t mentione any devices name.

Camera! Camera!, girls yes am referring to you in this part. You girls always fall victim of this type of scam, you girls too like selfie. That’s why you always buy fake phones with fake written camera mp. Take note, and continue reading.

Another thing to consider is the price

Hey! Don’t be deceived with the low prices. Even the rich huawei, tecno or infinix products can never sell 6gb ram phone and 34mp selfie for under $100.

My Friend was scammed, also because he was blinded with the cheap Prices. Cheap things from untrusted android manufacturers are fake. No one will ever give out quality products for small bucks.

You’ve gone through all words written above. Now your question should be – how can I identify the real phone features? How can I know the Right phones? How can I check on the reviews? OK. Read below.

Quick answer and solution

The funniest part is that – someone must be scammed, so for the truth to be revealed. But Dont worry, my readers would not be scammed.

OK. My name is kc, am a phone expertise. Here in this website kcgist. I update my readers with the latest phone reviews, so as to enable you know whether the phone is real or not.

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Anytime you need to purchase an android phone of your choice, but you need advice or your not sure if the model specs are real or fake. You can contact me then for help, I will review the device under 30minutes and tell you whether its real or not.

All you need to do is to mail me, please when writing the message to me, be specific. specify the the phone details. For eg – infinix hot 7 pro.

I will get all done within 30mins and reply your mail with the correct phone specs. No need to thank me, it’s my job and it’s my hubby. I love to research on phones.

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To get started, first subscribe to this website for free. So as to keep a record of your email address. Fill in the short form below, also tell yours friends. Thanks for stopping by.

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